Investigation of mechanical state of spatial roof from steel trusses on asymmetric building

M. Samofalov, A. Žiūkas


Investigation of the stress/strain state of the spa-tial roof from steel trusses over asymmetric in plan the public building is presented in the paper. The radially lo-cated bearing structures of a semi–cupola are closed by the orthogonally arranged system of common transversal trusses and longitudinal braces. The trusses of 32 m span have been simulated as a separate plane structural model and as a main bearing part of the general model of the roof as well as of the whole building. Nine different variants of the steel truss have been calculated and peculiarities of change in the mechanical state parameters have been analysed. Comparison of shifts and internal forces has been performed, besides description of a deformed shape of the roof structures and distribution of internal forces in the asymmetric mechanical system are presented.



asymmetric roof; steel trusses; semi-cupola shape; complex deformation; stress/strain analysis.

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983