Periodic flow due to non-torsional oscillations of eccentric rotating porous disks in the presence of a magnetic field

H. Volkan Ersoy


This paper deals with the periodic flow induced by non-torsional oscillations of two insulated porous disks while they are initially rotating with the same angular velocity about distinct axes under the application of a magnetic field. An analytical expression corresponding to the horizontal force per unit area exerted by the fluid on the top and bottom disks is obtained in terms of the ratio of the frequency of oscillation to the angular velocity of the disks (k), the Hartmann number (M), the suction/injection velocity parameter (alpha), the Reynolds number (R), and the dimensionless velocity amplitudes of oscillation (Vx,Vy). When the Hartmann number increases, it is found that the largest values of the x- component of the force acting on both the top and bottom disks in the periodic time interval increase, and the variation range of the y- component of the force becomes wider.



Newtonian fluid, magnetohydrodynamics, eccentric rotating porous disks, non-torsional oscillation, periodic flow

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983