Simulation of concentration distribution of dispersed particles of magnetorheological fluid in the gap workpiece-tool of finishing polishing device

  • A. Mokeev Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS Belarus
  • E. Korobko Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS Belarus
  • A. Bubulis Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: polishing processes, magnetorheological fluid, abrasive, stream


The motion of magnetic and abrasive particles in the current magnetorheological polishing fluid between the surface of polished workpiece and polishing tool is consid-ered as the flow of their mixtures in local equilibrium with the same effective temperatures, depending on the flow rate. It is shown that under the magnetic field due to the magnetic pressure the abrasive particles move to the work-piece surface and are pressed against her. Expression is determined for the pressure of the abrasive particles, under the influence of which during Couette shear, material re-moval from the workpiece surface is carried out at a speed proportional to this pressure and the gradient of the veloc-ity of MRPF flow near the surface of the workpiece.