Numerical simulation of mecanical behavior of buried pipeline impacted by perilous rock

  • Jie Zhang Southwest Petroleum University
  • Zheng Liang
  • Chuanjun Han
Keywords: buried pipeline, perilous rock, finite element method, buckling behavior, plastic strain


Bulking behaviors of buried pipeline under perilous rock impact in soil stratum and rock stratum were investigated by finite element method. And effects of pipeline parameters and perilous rock parameters on stress and strain of buried pipeline were discussed. The results show that deformation process of buried pipeline impacted by perilous rock can be divided into four stages(no deformation, initial deformation, maximum deformation and final deformation). Plastic strain area of pipeline in rock stratum is bigger than in soil stratum. High stress area, maximum stress, plastic strain and dent depth decrease with the increasing of internal pressure, wall thickness and buried depth, but increase with the increasing of diameter. With the increasing of impact velocity and rock's volume, maximum plastic strain, bent length and bent depth increase gradually. With the increasing of eccentricity distance, high stress area and dent depth decrease gradually, and the stress location tends to one side.


Author Biography

Jie Zhang, Southwest Petroleum University
School of Mechatronic Engineering