Investigation of ultrasonic stepping motors and nanomanipulator for scanning probe microscopy

  • Vitas Lendraitis Kaunas University of Technology
  • Tomas Gadišauskas Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: Nanomanipulator, ultrasonic stepping motor, nanopositioning, scanning probe microscopy.


In the following article there is analyzed the designed one coordinate piezoelectronic stepping motor of the scanning probe microscopy (SPM) nanomanipulator, allocated to the positioning. For such a system, apart from the basic parameters: exciting rate and the amplitude of the exciting voltage, there are developed forces and there turns to be significant the motion characteristics of the stepping motor minimal step of SPM nanomanipulator that was determined experimentally.

In order to control the positioning equipment accurately, there was designed control software of the SPM nanomanipulator for Linux operating system. Agreeably with its aid it is possible to control the nanomanipulator table under the assigned path, direction and distance, to change the control impulse duration and the number of impulses, necessary for the shift. Applying a computerized research, there was determined the dependence of the table shift on the control impulse duration and the dependence of the table shift on the number of impulses.