Study on the charging combination optimization for forging production based on discrete shuffled frog leaping algorithm

  • Zhu Baiqing Nanjing Institute of Technology
  • Lu Haixing
  • Bai Shaobu
  • Tong Yifei
  • He Fei
Keywords: forgings, combination optimization, shuffled frog leaping algorithm, energy saving, discrete.


As a traditional high energy-consuming industry, the forging industry consumes a lot of energy. In order to solve the typical charging optimization problem regarding how to separate workpieces with different holding temperature intervals and holding time intervals and combine them for charging in forging, a charging combination model for forging is proposed. The discrete shuffled frog leaping algorithm (DSFLA) based on the same furnace heating rules is adopted to optimize and solve the model in order to reduce energy consumption in forging. An instance is illustrated to prove the effectiveness of the proposed model and the algorithm.