Dynamic Modeling of the Line Throwing Rocket with Flight Motion Based on Kane’s Method

  • Ming Lu
  • Gu Wenbin
  • Liu Jianqing
  • Wang Zhenxiong
  • Xu Jinling
Keywords: line throwing rocket, Kane’s method, dynamic model, finite segment


A dynamic model of the line throwing rocket flight is presented based on Kane’s method.Through kinematic description of the line throwing rocket’s flight,the rope is divided into N discrete finite segments by finite segment method.The dynamic model for the line throwing rocket is developed with the consideration of such forces as the gravity, thrust, aerodynamic forces and the tension in the rope during rocket flying.The numerical example shows that the numerical results are exactly consistent with experiments results and the numerical model of the line throwing rocket flight can be realized, revealing the motion law of the dynamic model.The dynamic model is a key theoretical support to the research on the disturbance of the rope, the guidance and flight control of the line throwing rocket.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.mech.22.5.13376