Comparison of coated and uncoated carbide drill bits for drilling titanium grade 2 material

  • Vijaan V Department of Mechanical Engineering K.Ramakrishan College of Technology Samayapuram, Trichy, Tamilnadu.
  • B. Suresh Kumar
  • N. Baskar
Keywords: drilling, uncoated and TiAlN coated drill bit, vibration, thrust force, torque, burr dimensions, surface roughness


The performance of TiAlN coated and uncoated carbide drill bits when drilling titanium alloy were investigated on vibration, thrust force, torque, machining time, burr dimensions and surface roughness. In response, the experiments were carried out on CNC vertical milling machine with two factors and each factor consists of three levels. For experimentation, the ranges of spindle speed and feed rate selection is based on tool manufacturer recommendations. In addition, the effects of spindle speed and feed rate on considered responses were explored and the same is presented in this paper.