Quay wall stability and strength evaluation

  • Vytautas Paulauskas Klaipeda university
  • Birute Placiene Klaipeda university
  • Donatas Paulauskas Klaipeda university
  • Raimondas Barzdziukas Klaipeda university
Keywords: quay wall, quay wall strength, quay wall stability, quay wall evaluation.


In some ports terminals were created 40 or even more years ago and until now work very intensively. Dur-ing a long time exploitation of the quay walls, their stabil-ity and strength decrease and it is necessary to replace the existing quay walls: to renovate them or build new ones, however, there are some space or investments limitations, delayed decisions of renovation or building possibilities without decreasing capacity and productivity of the termi-nals. The article discusses possibilities of evaluation the stability and strength of the quay walls or replacing some of them with the minimum disturbance of the terminal activity; as well as the methodology of the evaluation, which can assist to increase or optimize technical parame-ters and capacity of the port quay walls.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.mech.23.2.13776

Author Biographies

Vytautas Paulauskas, Klaipeda university
Maritime Engineering Department, professor
Birute Placiene, Klaipeda university
Maritime engineering department, dr., assoc. prof.
Donatas Paulauskas, Klaipeda university
Maritime engineering department, PhD student
Raimondas Barzdziukas, Klaipeda university
Maritime engineering department, dr,. assoc. prof.