Forming kinematics analysis of countersinking process

  • I. Jallouli Faculty of Sciences Gafsa, Campus Universitaire Sidi Ahmed Zarrouk, Gafsa University, Tunisia
  • H. Mosbah
  • A. Krichen
Keywords: Countersinking Process, forming kinematics, blank-holding


This paper deals with the countersinking process which permits to modify the entrance of an existing drilled hole and to obtain the screw hole countersink. Nevertheless forming kinematics during countersinking process was studied as a function of blank-holding conditions. The effect of blank-holding on the countersinking process was investigated using numerical and experimental analysis.  An axisymmetric elasto-plastic finite element model was developed. Four geometrical changes were identified in the workpiece shape: the raise of the outer edge, the retraction of hole diameter, the axial expansion of the sheet near the obtained countersink and the radial expansion of workpiece. Finally, a recapitulative table was found to give a range of each parameter at different blank-holding conditions