Analytical gear mesh model using 3D gear geometry

Zdenek Neusser, Tomas Vampola, Michael Valasek


This paper presents a model of the interaction of mating gears. The approach uses 3D gear geometry for the calculation of teeth penetration. The contact force is evaluated using the penetration between all mating teeth and the known contact stiffness. Gear meshing is evaluated using an analytical solution based on gear flank parameterization. The advantage of such an approach is to involve real gear geometry in the calculation of the contact force. The model involves the effects of the backlash between teeth (gear rattling, hammering), engagement and disengagement of the teeth pair in contact and the variation of the number of teeth pairs in contact (gear whine). The ideal tooth flank geometry is modified using the measured flank modifications. The dynamic behaviour of the interaction between two gears is modelled and compared with the 2D spring-damper model.



gear mesh model; 3D gear geometry; gear contact forces; tooth flank modification

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983