Investigation of micro mechanic membranes with functional piezoelectric film

  • V. Lendraitis
  • G. Seniūnas
  • V. Snitka
  • V. Mizarienė
  • R. Barauskas


In the study the possibility of using Si membranes with functional piezoelectric film for the nanopositioning of micro objects is discussed. Applying the Finite Elements method, the main resonance modes of micro mechanical membrane and the dependence on the location of excitation on the surface of the membrane are determined. The PbTiO3-PbZrO3 film coating on the Si substrate and the polarization technology are presented, the film piezomodules are evaluated. Apply-ing the atomic force microscope system, the dynamic char-acteristics of michromechanic structures created, are de-termined. The results of the investigation could be applied in developing a new type of nanopositional systems of scanning microscopy.