Influence of thermophoresis on MHD micropolar fluid over moved permeable plate

  • Redha Allouaoui Yahia fares medea University
  • Mohamed najib Bouaziz Yahia fares Medea University
Keywords: Thermophoresis, Magnetohydrodynamic, micropolar fluid, moving plate, suction.


This work investigates mainly the magnetic field and the thermophoresis effects on the heat and mass transfer in steady laminar boundary layer flow of an incompressible viscous micropolar fluid over a moving vertical and permeable plate subjected to a magnetic field without neglecting the resulting dissipation. The governing differential equations are transformed into the ordinary differential equations which are solved numerically. Results are displayed graphically to illustrate the influence of Magnetic parameter, Thermophoretic parameter, and Suction/injection parameter on velocity, microrotation, temperature and species concentration profiles. The rate of mass transfer is affected strongly by Thermophoretic parameter while the local skin-friction coefficient and the local wall couple stress are sensitive to the variations of the magnetic field and to the suction case. The micropolarity controls the shear stress but plays a limited role for the others quantities. Heat and mass transfer rate can be regulated principally by the use of a permeable plate with suction.


Author Biographies

Redha Allouaoui, Yahia fares medea University
Process engineering
Mohamed najib Bouaziz, Yahia fares Medea University
Mechanical engineering