Investigation of dislocation structure of low carbon steel during static loading

  • A. Čiuplys Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • J. Vilys
  • V. Čiuplys
  • V. Kvedaras


Dislocation structure changes of low carbon steel in both surface and internal metal layers at static loading were investigated in this article. The analysis carried out by us using layer-by-layer electron microscopy has shown, that at all stages of deformation the character of an ar-rangement and density of dislocations essentially varies at moving away from the surface in to depth of the metal. At small degrees of deformation plastic flow of the metal is limited by surface layer. At higher degrees of deformation the internal layers of the metal are involved in to plastic flow. Especially big difference between dislocation struc-tures of surface and internal layers of a material is ob-served in the field of the upper yield limit.