Investigation of relation between durability of adhesive joints of soft polymeric materials and roughness characteristics of glued surfaces

  • L. Mačėnaitė Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • V. Pekarskas


Dependence of durability of adhesive joints of monolithic black rubber glued applying polyurethane glue with a textile material on temperature, load and surface roughness was investigated in this paper. Master curves were constructed using the temperature-time analogy. De-pendence of the coefficients of the WLF equation on grain size of the abrasive material that was used to roughen the surface was determined. A complex master curve was plot-ted using two analogies in parallel that can be used to fore-cast the durability of adhesive joints depending on three factors – temperature, load, and abrasive grain size. Ana-lytical expression of this dependence was derived after approximation of the complex master curve with the three-variable function. Fractal dimensions of rubber surface profiles were found, and their relation with the abrasive grain size was determined. A dependence of adhesive joints durability on temperature, load, and fractal dimen-sion was found.