Investigation of mechanical characteristics and low cycle fatigue of elements after electromechanical treatment

  • M. Daunys Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • V. Staponkus


Mechanical and low cycle fatigue characteristics after electromechanical treatment and nonhardened speci-mens of grade 45 steel are investigated under stress-limited and strain-limited loading in this paper. Dependences of the histeresis loop width and accumulated plastic strain on the number of loading semicycles are presented. Steel hardening increases durability of specimens because of hardened surface layer and increased strength mechanical characteristics under amplitude stresses below 370/σpr=1.271. Experimental curves and constants of hard-ened and nonhardened specimens are compared under low cycle fatigue under stress-limited and stain-limited loading. Damage accumulation of hardened and nonhardened specimens of grade 45 steel is accomplished. Durability analysis for different diameter specimens after low cycle loading is made.