Performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fulled by corn oil biodiesel blends with air pre-heater

  • Gopinath V Karpagam University
  • P. Shanmughasundaram
  • P. Suresh
Keywords: Air Pre-heater, Corn oil, Inlet air temperature, Performance, NOx.


The demand of diesel fuel has been increasing all over the world. To overcome this energy demand, an alternative fuel or biodiesel blend is the need of the hour. In this paper, we have projected the outcome of experiment a diesel engine filled with biodiesel blend which is prepared from the corn oil. In IC engine around 32% of the heat is released through exhaust gas, which will raise the surrounding air temperature. An air pre-heater has been designed to preheat the inlet air by using the waste exhaust heat energy coming out of the engine, which will reduce the exhaust gas temperature. Higher inlet air temperature causes reduction in the fuel consumption, increasing the thermal efficiency and decreasing the ignition delay. The formation of CO2 and unburned HC has been reduced due to easy vaporization and better mixing of air and fuel. In this experimental work, the diesel engine performance and emission parameters has been investigated with inlet air temperature of 35°C and 50°C considering different blends like 100% D, 90% D+10% CME (Corn oil Methyl Ester), 80% D+20% CME, 70% D+30% CME and 60% D+40% CME respectively.