Three Dimensional Stress Analysis of a Helical Gear Drive with Finite Element Method

A. M. Fattahi, M. Gh. Khosroshah


Helical gears are widely used as power transmitting gears between parallel or crossed shafts in gearbox or other parts of machine, since not only can they carry large load but also the noise level experienced during the operation is low. The application of parallel axis helical gears is well established in gear industry. So stress analysis of involute-helical gears is very beneficial and has specific importance. However, due to their shape complexity using analytical method to solve and gain stress distributions at engaged teeth is very difficult task. To facilitate the convergency different types of elements has been used for the contacting surfaces and the rest of the model, respectively. In this paper, the distribution of contact stresses, bending stresses and torque transmission in the pinion for a given tangential displacement (rotation) of the pinion hole surface was investigated using FEM and the obtained stresses are then compared with Hertz theory and AGMA standard.



Helical gear; FEM; Bending stress; Contact stress; Hertz theory; AGMA standard

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983