Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Cavitation Bubble Collapse

Chao QIU, Han CHEN, Changchun ZHOU


The characteristics of bubble collapse are especially important for its application in cavitation-protection, super cavitation and aerospace. In that case, it is necessary to control the collapse process of bubble accurately according to requirements. In this paper, molecular dynamics simulation is used to study the dynamic characteristics of single bubble in canonical ensemble condition. Collapse process of bubble is described by analyzing the potential energy and movement of molecules. Effects of temperature on bubble dynamics characteristics are discussed especially. The result indicates that bubble collapses faster as the increase of temperature, but the strength of jet flow caused by collapsing becomes weaker the same time. It finds that the collapse time of bubble is almost shortened by 60%, and the strength of jet flow could be reduced by 35% with temperature varies from 0.62 to 0.80.



Cavitation bubble; Temperature;Collapse time; Strength of jet flow

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983