Optimization of Process Parameters during Flow Forming Process and its Verification

  • Ravi J Bhatt S V National Institute of Technology (SVNIT)
  • Harit K. Raval
Keywords: Flow Forming, Optimization, Process Parameters, Verification


In present study; analysis, optimization and verification is carried out for flow forming process. Flow forming is plastic deformation process which used to manufacture high precision seamless components. The application of this process includes rocket missile casing, rocket motor case, vessels cartridge etc. in defence and aviation sector. Many experimental works have been done by several researchers but online monitoring of forces is still complicated in commercial machines. Force measurement and monitoring is important to design the tooling for different material and configurations of the product. Traditionally tooling design is done based on experience or hit and miss method. That increase lead time, material wastage and indirect cost. Hence a simulation model has been developed using Taguchi L9 design to study the effect of different operating variables like rotational speed, axial feed and forming depth on the forces (axial, radial and circumferential). Three levels of each parameter have been selected. It has been observed that the axial force is found to be highest followed by radial and circumferential during the analysis. Moreover the results have been verified with the analytical model proposed in the literature. The results have been found in good accordance.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.mech.23.4.15138