Investigation of compression of cylindrical packages

  • E. Kibirkštis Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • V. Bivainis
  • L. Ragulskis
  • A. Dabkevičius


The problem for the analysis of stability of apackage of cylindrical shape as of a shell type structure issolved using three dimensional elements.Experimental investigations of cardboard packagesof cylindrical and rectangular shape are performed.The influence of package shape – cylinder or rectangle - toits mechanical characteristics is determined. It isdetermined that the package of cylindrical shape resists theaxial load, which is about 2.4 times higher when comparedwith the package of rectangular type of the similar massand geometrical parameters. The influence of the qualitiesof the used material (cardboard) to the strength ofcompression of the packages is investigated. The comparisonof the numerical and experimental investigation ofpackages is performed and the character of deformations ofthe packages surface is compared. The obtained results areused in the process of package design.