Investigation of dependences of stress strain state properties on metal sheet holding force at its forming

  • R. Bortkevičius Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • R. Dundulis
  • R. Karpavičius


The present paper is a continuation of other pa-pers of the author. In this paper author examine aluminium AW6802 and brass L63 metal sheets stress strain state condition dependencies form forming material blank hold-ing forces. There were conducted an investigation using two common methodologies: experimental and finite ele-ment method. There were gained a good correlation of investigation results between two common methods. After examinations of thinning of metal sheet forming there were gained critical points, where exists the highest possibility for initialization of the crack. There were determined metal sheet holding force and it’s influence to investigated metal sheet thickness strain. Also there were determined needed blank holding suppressing force under which metal sheet thins out the least.