Machinability investigation in hard turning of AISI H11 hot work steel with CBN tool

  • H. Aouici Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • M.A. Yallese
  • B. Fnides
  • T. Mabrouki


This paper reports an extensive characterizationof cutting forces, surface roughness, evaluate maximumtemperature and tool wear in hard turning of hot work steelAISI H11. This steel is hardened to 50 HRC, machined bycubic boron nitride (CBN 7020). It is free from tungsten onCr-Mo-V basis, insensitive to temperature changes and hasa high wear resistance. It is employed for the manufactureof helicopter rotor blades and forging dies. The tests ofstraight turning were carried out according to the methodof planning experiments. The results made it possible tostudy the influence of cutting variables (feed rate, cuttingspeed and depth of cut) on cutting forces, surface roughness,temperature in the cutting zone and tool wear.