Computational analysis of the magnetorheological fluid loading unit of rowing simulator

  • V. Grigas Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • K. Kazlauskienė
  • A. Šulginas
  • R.T. Toločka


The magnetorheological loading unit of rowing simulator has been investigated by using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation by using SolidWorks and CosmosFloWorks software. The possibility to generate the variable resisting force, corresponding the force acting the oar handle during real rowing, by varying dynamic viscos-ity of the magnetorheological fluid in the rotational hy-draulic cylinder of the loading unit has been examined. It was defined that the necessary range of force generated by loading unit (20-1000 N force on simulator oar handle) can not be achieved by single channel in the 55x60 mm cross-section diaphragm separating chambers of the cylinder under research when the MR fluid viscosity is within the range of 0.28 to 70 Pa s (MRF-140CG). It was find out also that 25 channels of diameter 3.6 mm ensure solution of a problem.