Fuzzy Control of Active Suspension System Using Full Car Model

  • palanisamy senthilkumar Bannari amman institute of technology
  • K. Sivakumar
  • R. Kanagarajan
  • S. Kuberan
Keywords: Fuzzy logic, Full car model, Active suspension, PID control


Fuzzy logic technique has been proposed to control full car model based active suspension system. The full car model has been used to simulate the mathematical model of active suspension system. The performance of proposed controller mainly depends on body displacement, acceleration, roll and pitch angle of full car model. But the roll and pitch angle cannot be measured in quarter car model of active suspension system. The dynamic nature of suspension system and complex nonlinear characteristics of actuating system has increased the difficulty of creating mathematical model for active suspension system. In real time, the controller designed based on analytical method will not give better result due to its complex mathematical model. The fuzzy logic technique has able to give better performance for active suspension system irrespective of the complex nature of mathematical model of suspension system. This paper describes mathematical model of suspension system with fuzzy controller in order to obtain vehicle response for range of road input. The result of simulation will confirm the performance of fuzzy logic controller for active suspension system.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.mech.24.2.17457

Author Biography

palanisamy senthilkumar, Bannari amman institute of technology
assistant professor in mechanical