Investigation of the Stress-Strain State of a Wheel Flange of the Locomotive by the Method of Finite Element Modeling

  • Kenes Zhussupov
  • Aliya Toktamyssova
  • Seidulla Abdullayev
  • Gabit Bakyt
  • Manarbek Yessengaliyev
Keywords: conformal contact of the wheel and rail, wear of the flanges of wheelset, deformation of the metals of the wheel and rail, the yield strength of the metal wheel, the dynamic behavior of the wheel,


The rail mode of transport has become the main transit of goods in States with no direct outlets to the world ocean In connection with their health and the necessary technical support key moment in the economic development of the state. In this regard, the paper discusses the negative aspects of the interaction between wheel and rail, leading to intensive wear of the wheel flange on the example operated Kazakhstan electric and diesel locomotives. To achieve this purpose was used the software package "ANSYS".  As a result, define the levels of the stress-strain state of a wheel and a rail of finite-element modeling. Developed a methodology for calculating stresses in "the system wheel-rail." Recommendations for maximum permissible thickness of the ridge is machined on the profile Dmeti wheels of the locomotive ТE33А. It is also proposed to apply the conformal contact of a wheel and rail that will reduce the risk of wear.