Design and Study of a Dispenser for the Introduction of the Main Batch of Mineral Fertilizers

Sayakhat Nukeshev, Dzhadyger Eskhozhin, Ziyada Zhaksylykova, Kairat Eskhozhin, Aigul Balabekova


The analytical and experimental work designed and manufactured a belt-pin dispenser for the introduction of mineral fertilizers. The offered machine was developed for the special conditions of Central and Northern Kazakhstan soil, where general soil exposure to wind erosion leads to a wide use of subsurface soil cultivation, which causes difficulties with deep and even introduction of mineral fertilizers. The offered belt-pit dispenser for the introduction of mineral fertilizers can increase the batch of fertilizers in a wide range. The lack of portion feed provides for an even distribution of the fertilizer in the soil. The even distribution of the fertilizers on the conveyor belt and in the soil depends on the pattern of pin location on the belt surface. The study rationalized the optimal distribution of pins on the conveyor belt, its optimal pitch, and parameters of longitudinal placement of pins.



introduction of mineral fertilizers; conveyor belt; dispenser; batching; pin line

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983