The Relationship between Different Age Swimmers’ Flip Turn Tem-poral and Kinematic Characteristics

Valentina Skyriene, Milda Dubosiene, Mindaugas Dubosas, Marija Eidukeviciute


This paper analyses the data gathered by measuring the parameters of flip turn executed by 24 swimmers of Kaunas Swimming School. The turning tests were filmed underwater in the deep and shallow side of the pool. The main purpose was to determine relationship between the temporal and kinematic indicators. The correlation parameters varied considering different turn execution conditions and the age of the athlete. The significant correlation was determined between 7.5 m swim in time and 7.5 m swim out from the turn time. It was determined that the longer young athletes took in rotational phase, the longer was the leg stabilization in a deep side of the pool. In the shallow side of the pool the shorter time of swim in of the turn adults took shorter time in turn, push off and gliding phases.



swimming, flip turn, kinematic characteristics, depth of the pool

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983