Simulation of 8x8 Heavy Duty Truck for Evaluating Effects of Torque Converter Characteristics on Vehicle Performance

  • Mustafa Umut KARAOĞLAN Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: powertrain model, heavy duty vehicle, torque converter, drive cycle


This paper investigates the powertrain system of an 8x8 heavy duty vehicle through the integration of two couple of diesel engine with automatic transmission as power sources for evaluating the vehicle performance. The primary goal of this paper is to show the effects of torque converter selection on acceleration performance and fuel consumption of the vehicle. To achieve this goal, powertrain system simulation carried out by using two different torque converter individually according to Heavy Duty Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (HD-UDDS) drive cycle. Torque converter alternatives (design 1 and design 2) are chosen considering operational area in moment characteristics of the engine. A mathematical model of powertrain system is implemented based on longitudinal dynamics of vehicle motion in HD-UDDS cycle. Required moments on torque converter during the motion of test cycle are compared for converter alternatives and loading condition of vehicle. Fuel consumption results are also compared by using fuel consumption data and required power in the engine. Results demonstrate that the increase in acceleration performance and traction ability of vehicle can be obtained by selection of torque converter correctly.