Numerical Analysis of Cooling Down a Micro ATX Computer Chassis

  • Tolga DEMIRCAN Kırıkkale University, Mechanical Engineering Department
Keywords: cooling, CPU cooling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), fluid mechanics.


The technological development in the current environment is in line with the development of computer technologies. Therefore, operation loads of computer processors and capacities and processors and other electronic circuit components are increasing. This increasing load creates over heating on these components. If this high temperature generated on electric circuit components cannot be discarded and safe operating temperatures cannot be obtained, the main components of the computer could get damaged from this high heat and the computer could malfunction. This event presents significant problems as all the system such as health, transportation, and security are dependent on computers to actively operate. In this study Micro ATX computer chassis geometry is designed and cooling the computer chassis with fans is numerically modelled using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Different fan revolutions are calculated to analyze the heat under idle and full-load operations. The simulation results are used for evaluating velocity and temperature distributions in the solution region and operation parameters for optimum cooling are determined.


Author Biography

Tolga DEMIRCAN, Kırıkkale University, Mechanical Engineering Department
Mechanical Engineering Department, Assistant Professor (PhD)