An Aerodynamic Calculation Model for anti-torque system of NOTOR

Chen Chen, Cheng Han, Sun Peng, Zhou Chang Chun


The existing experimental methods and numerical models were difficult to get accurate aerodynamic characteristics of the anti-torque system of a NOTOR under rotor wake. To solve this problem, a new three-dimensional aerodynamic model with momentum source based on finite volume method was proposed in this paper. By means of time domain equalization and spatial interpolation, the complicated dynamic meshes on blade were replaced by the non-blade fixed rotor domain with momentum source. And the model was calculated by steady, compressible and three-dimensional Reynolds averaged N-S equation. In this paper, a typical NOTAR was took for research, the aerodynamic characteristics including flow field and variation regularity of lateral force with momentum coefficient of anti-torque system during hover condition was obtained by applying the above computational model, and the accuracy of which was verified by corresponding experimental data. In addition, the model was also used to analyze the key factors that influence working condition of the tail boom, including length of tail boom, area of nozzle and fan pressurization. And the curves of variation regularity were given. The model and work in this paper could provide reference for further research and design on anti-torque system for NOTAR.

Keywords: Calculation model; CFD; circulation control; momentum source; NOTAR.



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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983