Design Improvement of a Linear Control Solenoid Valve Using Mul-tiphysics Simulation

Gee-soo LEE


Multiphysics simulation coupled with a 1-DOF (Degree of Freedom) system was carried out to improve the geometrical redesign of the linear control solenoid valve. Since the electromagnetic field is strongly coupled with the flow field, a multiphysics simulation coupled with a 1-DOF system could offer a considerably useful approach in the design and optimization of linear control solenoid valves. First, in order to maintain a constant electromagnetic force on plunger strokes with an external current flow, the electromagnetic component valve was improved through a magnetostaic simulation. Although the hydraulic feedback force widened the controllable pressure range of the linear control solenoid valve, the range of the spool stroke for the pressure control was still narrow for = 0.18~0.84 A. We employed the redesign II model, which improved the electromagnetic and the hydraulic components. The redesign II model was able to accurately control the pressure while the external current was = 0.18~1.0 A, at 68.3% of the total control range.



Multiphysics simulation, linear control solenoid valve, linearity

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983