Simulation and Research of the Nozzle with an Ultrasonic Resonator for Spraying Polymeric Materials

Serhiy HORIASHCHENKO, Ievgeniia GOLINKA, Algimantas BUBULIS, Vytautas JURENAS


In this paper, a method for the aerosol application of polymers to fabric surfaces is discussed. A lot of thermoplastic polymer materials during application have the property of hardening and the formation of glue lumps. This leads to a decrease in the quality of the coating applied. In view of the fact that aerosol coating is undoubtedly advantageous, it required improvement. Modeling of polymer flow through the nozzle was perform to determine the optimal application distance. The experimental part consisted of applying a solution of a polyvinyl chloride polymer to a fabric using an ultrasonic radiator on a diffuser. Just for comparison, samples without the connection of the radiator were perform. Politec 3D scanner equipment used to determine deformation changes. This study has a weight for the further development and improvement of coating devices.


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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983