Comparative Analysis of Aerodynamic Characteristics and Experimental Investigation of a Moving Coil Linear Motor Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Gong ZHANG, Jimin LIANG, Zhichen HOU, Qunxu LIN, Zheng XU, Jian WANG, Xiangyu BAO, Weijun WANG


This study tries to observe the aerodynamics of a moving coil linear motor (MCLM) under the conditions of high frequency and high speed, a three-dimension aerodynamics analysis and experimental investigation of the designed MCLM provided with different thrust coil bobbins (TCBs) based on dynamic meshes technique using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are proposed. Results show that with the increase of moving frequency and speed, the air damping of TCB subassembly is nearly proportional to the square of the speed. Punching a number of holes on the end face of the TCB could greatly improve the air flow capacity and enhance the distribution of pressure and velocity of the flow field around. Compared with proposal 1, the air damping of proposal 2 and proposal 3 is decreased by 64.3% and 97.1%, respectively. Simulation results show that the response time and frequency of the designed MCLM with proposal 3 is better than those with proposal 1 and proposal 2. In addition, the experimental frequency and response time of the designed MCLM with proposal 3 are 300Hz at 3dB and 4ms, respectively. As evident in this study, analysis and experimental results show that the air damping can be decreased by the structural optimization of the MCLM, and the designed MCLM with proposal 3 can realize good performance of high frequency and rapid response.



moving coil linear motor; thrust coil bobbin; aerodynam-ics; dynamic mesh; experimental investigation

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983