Influence of Structure and Physical-Mechanical Characteristics of Threads on the Strength of Binding the Books

  • Svitlana HAVENKO Technical University of Lodz; Ukrainian Academy of Printing
  • Edmundas KIBIRKŠTIS Kaunas University of Technology
  • Laura GEGECKIENĖ Kaunas University of Technology
  • Svitlana KHADZHYNOVA Technical University of Lodz
  • Myroslava KADYLIAK Ukrainian Academy of Printing
Keywords: physical-mechanical characteristics of cotton and polyamide threads, the mechanical parameters of the brochure's binding sewing, binder thread physical properties.


In this study was analyzed the physical-mechanical properties and characteristics of different type of threads (linen, polyamide, cotton, polyester, silky) for blocks sewing.

Investigated the brochure block binding with reduced threads surface friction coefficient, physical-mechanical parameters analysis. An important step in calculating the strength of threads for book sections and book blocks sewing is the choice of the strength criterion. For this purpose, are analyzed the influence of the structure of cotton and polyamide threads antifriction.

Here was made the book binding process optimization with different types of the thread. It has been determined that the strongest book binding is with the polyamide type thread.