Energy Efficiency Evaluation of Industrial Heat Exchangers Based on Fuzzy Matter Element Method

  • Wei Ye Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute
Keywords: Industrial heat exchanger, Index system, Fuzzy matter element method, Energy efficiency evaluation.


According to the energy consumption status of industrial heat exchanger in the whole life cycle, the energy efficiency evaluation index system of industrial heat exchanger is put forward firstly. Secondly, aiming at the complexity and fuzziness of energy consumption of industrial heat exchanger, the energy efficiency evaluation model of industrial heat exchanger based on fuzzy matter-element method is established by using fuzzy matter-element theory and combining the concept of Hemingway schedule. Finally, taking the shell-and-tube heat exchanger as an example, five shell-and-tube heat exchangers with different designs and materials were selected to analyze their energy consumption advantages and disadvantages. Via calculation and analysis, the optimal energy efficiency design of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger was obtained. At the same time, reference opinions were provided for the design and manufacture of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger.