Numerical Investigation of AISI 4140 Powder High Relative Density Compaction In Terms of Compaction Velocity

  • Faruk GÜNER Giresun University, Turkey
Keywords: AISI 4140, MPFEM, powder compaction, compaction velocity, high relative density


In this study high relative density compaction of AISI 4140 steel powder compaction numerically investigated via different compaction velocities using Multi Particle Finite Element Method (MPFEM). 2D Analyses performed by three different particle geometry; 25µm, 35µm and 45µm in radius. Particle size effect also investigated via high relative density and compaction velocity. von Mises Power law evaluated for AISI 4140 steel powder and utilized to analysis. Results were plotted both in visually and graphically in aim to show effect of relative density, particle size, contact interactions and compaction velocity. The stress distribution through the height of die revealed out. A four-fold increase in compaction velocity increase the Equivalent von Mises stress 2% where the stress value can reach up to 3 times the yield stress. Stress values along the punch to the bottom of the die show a parabolic tendency with compaction velocity increase.

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Faruk GÜNER, Giresun University, Turkey

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Keywords; AISI 4140, MPFEM, powder compaction, compaction velocity, high relative density.