Numerical Study of Super-cooled droplet impingement on Aeroengine

  • Yan TAN Civil Aviation Flight University of China
  • Wuguo WEI Civil Aviation Flight University of China
Keywords: aeroengine, super-cooled droplet, numerical simulation, impingement property


In this work, a large bypass ratio engine was taken as the research object. The impingement property of droplets with various diameters including SLD (Super-cooled Large Droplet) was obtained by Euler method based on Mundo model. The grid models of nose cone, fan, guild vanes in bypass duct and core duct were established in segments firstly. The mixed boundary was used to realize the data exchange between different flow fields. Then the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model was applied to calculate the three dimensional engine flow field. Based on the flow field result, the droplet trajectory was calculated by Euler multiphase flow method. The LWC (Liquid Water Content), droplet collection efficiency and the effect of droplet diameter on impingement law were obtained. The method used in this paper and results could provide some references for subsequent engine icing calculation and anti-icing system design.