Methodology of Measuring Spraying the Droplet Flow of Polymers from Nozzle

  • Serhiy HORIASHCHENKO Khmelnitsky National University
  • Kostyantin HORIASHCHENKO Khmelnitskiy National University
  • Janusz MUSIAL University of Technology and Life Sciences Jan and Jędrzej Śniadeckich in Bydgoszcz
Keywords: polymer, drop, spray, classification, measurement, multi-frequency phase method


With a purpose for textile material coating applications, a process of spraying the polymer flow is considered. The equipment for determining the polymer drop size is designed. The formulas for estimating the size of polymer droplets are validated. For controlling and measuring the polymer drop size in real time, the multi-frequency phase method is suggested to be used. Classification is needed to find a category, within which the measurement will be done. Photos of various particles are obtained while experiments of spraying polymers are conducted. The sizes of those particles are determined. It is ascertained with the laser measurement and the corresponding software that when polymer drops get onto a textile material, they cool rapidly. The quality of the material is maintained. For properly spraying the polymer, the pressure of 6 MPa and the nozzle diameter of 2 mm are sufficient. The structure of the textile material along with the coating is maintained best with these parameters.