Uniaxial Tensile Behaviour of 75μm Thick Stainless-Steel Foils

  • Lin WANG Department of Civil Engineering, Hefei University
Keywords: stainless-steel foils, digital image correlation, stress-strain relation, microstructure


Accurate knowledge about tensile behavior of thin stainless-steel foils at micro/meso scale is of great importance for potential industrial applications. In this work, two 75μm thick AISI 304L and 439 stainless-steel foils were tested under uniaxial tension. Digital image correlation (DIC) based strain measurement method was applied to characterize the plastic deformation of foil specimen. The stress-strain relations of foil specimens were identified from DIC-based strain measurement and compared with the results derived from crosshead displacement. It is found that the applied DIC method can more precisely characterize the mechanical behaviors of foil materials at small size scale. Fracture surface of foil specimens were also characterized. The material microstructures are found have predominant effect on tensile behaviors of foil materials.

Author Biography

Lin WANG, Department of Civil Engineering, Hefei University

L. Wang is Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Hefei University. He got his Ph.D. from the Southern Methodist University in 2015. His current research interests are focused in the mechanics of metal and bio-materials using both experimental, numerical methods, virtual testing and designing for engineering applications.