Verification tests of frictional heat modelling results

  • Andrzej BORAWSKI Bialystok University of Technology
  • Dariusz SZPICA Bialystok University of Technology
  • Grzegorz MIECZKOWSKI Bialystok University of Technology
Keywords: mechanical engineering, brake pads, friction, modelling verification, pin-on-disc


Simulation tests have currently become very popular. It gives access to values and parameters which are difficult or impossible to obtain in real conditions. However, in many cases the accuracy of the results may raise concerns, as not every researcher conducts verification tests. This article looks into the quality of results obtained in virtual tests. The tests were conducted using a pin-on-disc station. The main parameter of the verification study was the temperature of the pin measured along its axis at 1mm from the friction surface. This shows that computer models produce results which accurately reflect real-life phenomena.

Author Biography

Andrzej BORAWSKI, Bialystok University of Technology

doctor in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering