Finite element simulation of stress distribution in the different components of Ceraver-Osteal hip prosthesis: static and dynamic analysis

A. Moulgada, M. M. Bouziane, B. Bachir Bouiadjra, S. Benbarek, A. Albedah, T. Achour


In this study a new generation of total hip pros-thesis is analysed numerically. The finite element method is used to analyze the distribution stresses on the hip pros-thesis components (stem, cement mantle and bone). The static load analysis is used by selecting the peak load dur-ing the normal walking activity. The loading conditions of Bergman et al were implemented in the finite element model to compute the dynamic stresses under normal walking, climbing up stairs and down stairs loading. The obtained results showed that the new models of hip pros-thesis weaker shear stresses in the cement mantle com-pared to the conventional models. In addition, the case of down stairs loading leads to higher shear stresses in the cement mantle.



Biomechanics; prosthesis; Cement mantle; Finite element; Stress analysis

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983