Heat transfer of brake pad used in the autos after friction and examination of thermal tension analysis

  • M. Timur Kırklareli University
  • H. Kuşçu Trakya University
Keywords: heat transfer, thermal tension analysis, wears


As a result of the friction of brake pads which is one of the factors affecting automobile performances with brake disc, heat energy comes into being. This heat energy causes brake pads to expose to excessive temperature. For this reason, the braking acts of the pads decreases in time and some problems (decrease in the performance of brakes, malfunction, quick pad wear and sound) occur. In order to eliminate these negative effects emerg-ing on the brake pads, a range of tests were made on pads. To analyze the temperature states of the pads, Solid Works Simulation Solutions module was used. In this program, four different pad materials continually underwent braking act during 300 s process. In terms of revealing the situation of the pads occurring due to wear, two different thicknesses of the same pad were also taken into consideration in the analyses.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.mech.20.1.6595