Fractal approach for manufacturing project management

  • T. Karaulova Tallinn University of Technology
  • I. Poljantshikov OÜ Densel Baltic
  • E. Shevtshenko Tallinn University of Technology
  • S. Kramarenko ANK Technology
Keywords: multi-project management, complex adaptive system, fractal, entropy, self-organisation,


This paper is focused on the planning problems of production processes in small and medium manufacturing enterprises, where all business activities are performed based on project management practice. The aim of this research is to deliver the new approach for rapid planning and assessment of parameters for the case of multi-project management (MPM). The novel approach that suggests new methods for maximizing utilization of existing resources within a single manufacturing enterprise was proposes in current research.

The aim was achieved based on assumption, that multi-project is a complex system, which is directed by laws of the complexity theory. Fractals represent a way of dealing with complexity; organize the complex system through the iteration and integration of the simple units and the common control rules. Using of fractal approach in MPM does not require special knowledge of complex system theory. The fractal idea is integrated into the framework for production planning in MPM environment.


Author Biography

T. Karaulova, Tallinn University of Technology

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Machinery