The influence of pressure during intaglio printing on banknotes durability

  • T. Kyrychok National Technical University of Ukraine
  • P. Kyrychok National Technical University of Ukraine
  • S. Havenko Ukrainian Academy of Printing
  • Е. Kibirkštis Kaunas University of Technologies
  • V. Miliūnas Kaunas University of Technologies
Keywords: intaglio printing, banknotes, durability, pressure, utility functions


Due to high pressure during the printing nip (up to 1000 kN/m) intaglio printing seals the banknote substrate structure both by pressing and by ink penetration into the paper. This effect decreases banknotes soiling and in-creases their strength resulting in durability increase. Du-rability characteristics of the experimental samples of banknotes different by intaglio printing parameters (single side intaglio printing with low, medium and high pressure of printing nip as well as double side intaglio printing) were analyzed. On basis of utility functions obtained for every alternative (mode of intaglio printing) it was concluded that samples printed under medium pressure of printing nip during double side intaglio printing are the most durable by the totality of all the deterioration charac-teristics. Thus double side intaglio printing makes it possi-ble to increase banknotes durability.