Automotive stabilizer bar – stabilizer bar strength calculations using FEM, ovalization of radial areas of tubular stabilizer bars

  • A. M. Wittek ThyssenKrupp Federn & Stabilisatoren GmbH
  • D. Gąska Silesian University of Technology
  • B. Lazarz Silesian University of Technology,
  • T. Matyja Silesian University of Technology
Keywords: stabilizer bars, ovalization, fatigue, FEM method, simulation


The ovalization and microcracks may lead to a considerable reduction of the stabilizer bar fatigue strength and in consequence to its premature damage. Analytical stabilizer bar strength calculations taking the ovalization into consideration are very complex and complicated. Therefore, FEM is more and more frequently applied in tubular stabilizer bar strength calculations. The article pre-sents an outline of tubular stabilizer bar strength calcula-tions taking into consideration the tube deformation – ovalization in the main radial areas and its effect on the equivalent stress value and the fatigue strength. Two auto-motive stabilizer bars currently used in the industry with the assumption of actual constructional features and loads acting on it were analysed. The results were compared with the case of the occurrence of ovalization (geometric parameters of stabilizer bars were measured and on that basis the CAD and FEM models were made). In addition to numerical analysis, the results of fatigue tests performed on the selected stabilizer bar are presented and compared with the results of the numerical analysis. The whole article is complemented by theoretical analysis of the strength parameters of tubular stabilizer bar with shape ovalization.