Increasing of the accuracy of vertical angle measurements of geodetic instrumentation

  • D. Bručas Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • L. Šiaudinytė Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • M. Rybokas Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • G. Kulvietis Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • D. Sabaitis Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Keywords: vertical angle, calibration, systematic errors, random error, calibration method, increasing accuracy of measurements


There is a vast number of geodetic angle meas-urement equipment (like techeometers, theodolites, laser scanners etc.) implemented in the geodesy, civil engineer-ing, construction engineering etc. The accuracy of meas-urement of mentioned equipment directly influence the quality of buildings, private state measures etc. Though there is a methodology of testing of such equipment offi-cially adopted, such methodology allows determination of solely random errors of measurements at several angular positions of the instrument. The accuracy (random errors and biases) is still unknown for huge part of the angular values generated by the instrument while measurements. In the paper the theoretical assumptions on possible increasing the measurements accuracy by means of precise calibration in a bigger range of possible measurements is described together with some examples of practical solution of the problem.