Finite element analysis of wrinkling of buried pressure pipeline under strike-slip fault

  • Jie Zhang Southwest Petroleum University
  • Z. Liang Southwest Petroleum University
  • C. J. Han Southwest Petroleum University
Keywords: buried pressure pipeline, strike-slip fault, wrinkling, finite element method, axial strain


Wrinkling behavior of buried pressure pipeline under strike-slip fault movement was investigated by finite element method. And effects of fault displacement, internal pressure, diameter-thick ratio and dip angle on the wrinkling modes and axial strain of pipeline were discussed. The results show that there are two wrinkling locations of buried pipeline under strike-slip fault displacement. There is only one wrinkle on A part, but more than two wrinkles on B part. Buckling mode of buried steel pipeline presents three states under different internal pressures. They are collapse state, critical state between collapse and wrinkling, and wrinkling state. The greater diameter-thick ratio can enhance the ability to resistance to bending moment. Bending curve of pipeline changes from S-shape to Z-shape with the increasing of diameter-thick ratio. Wrinkling is more serious with the increasing of fault displacement and diameter-thick ratio. There are two wrinkling modes of B part pipeline when dip angle β=0°~45°.


Author Biography

Jie Zhang, Southwest Petroleum University
School of Mechatronic Engineering