Simulation of the part-to-part vibratory alignment under impact mode displacement

  • B. Bakšys Kaunas University of Technology
  • J. Baskutienė Kaunas University of Technology


Vibratory impact mode alignment of the being as-sembled parts is analysed in the presented paper. The dy-namical model was made, which represents the interaction between movable body and supporting base during the oblique impact. Applying the model of the interaction, the influence of parameters of the dynamic system and vibra-tory excitation on the process of the impact mode interde-pendent alignment of the being assembled parts was ana-lysed.

The movably based body has characteristic of dif-ferent modes of impact displacement, which depend on the excitation frequency, part-to-part pressing force and on displacement and angular rigidity. The alignment duration dependences on system and excitation parameters were defined.

The parameters’ sets area, of the part-to-part pressing force versus angular rigidity of the body, was de-fined, as reliable alignment by impact mode is taking place.