The modelling of the compression ignition engine powered with diesel fuel with LPG admixture


  • Grzegorz Pulawski Bialystok University of Technology
  • Dariusz Szpica Bialystok University of Technology



internal combustion engine, alternative fuels, LPG, simulation research


The tendency to lower the vehicle usage costs forces the automotive industry to elaborate more efficient power units, able of consuming less fuel, or to lower the vehicle mass. In the case of commercial vans or trucks, the second trend has lower importance, because they are usually forecasted to move the load. This type of vehicles is mostly powered with compression ignition engines, that is why in the cheaper fuel needs to be used in the lowering costs course. Since a couple of years the interest of the LPG can be noticed on the market in this aspect, that is why the modeling of operation of the unit of such type was attempted. The simulation studies, with usage of the CFD software are the alternative to building prototype systems followed by the research with use of them. Computational capabilities of modern computers allow fast process analysis. In the research course three cases of compression ignition engine powering were analyzed. As a reference - diesel, as a comparison - diesel + LPG and diesel initial injection + LPG, showing the differences in process courses, which influence on operational capabilities.



Author Biographies

Grzegorz Pulawski, Bialystok University of Technology

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Dariusz Szpica, Bialystok University of Technology

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering